CPRMB wants the removal of Mahee Jalil from C S

Ansar Ahmed Ullah : In a complaint letter dated 10 May addressed to C S’s managing Director Taj Chowdhury Campaign for the Protection of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh (CPRMB) have demanded the immediate termination of Mahee Jalil as a presenter as well as imposing a banon him from representing any show on any TV channels with immediate effect.

They say his statements were Hinduphobic and full of provocations. Hindu community all over the world have been disgusted by his hateful, racist, and reprehensible remarks. Those are clearly an act of crime. His continuous appearance on live tv show is a disgrace to the whole community.

They add, his misbehaviour in various live broadcasts has become a serious embarrassment for the whole Bengali community in the UK. He is a person who has criminal records and who has been constantly abusing guests and callers with racist slurs and unsubstantiated allegations. These rudeness and careless behaviour from a TV presenter cannot be accepted and go unpunished. He cannot be a public figure and represent any esteemed organization like yours.

The letter signed by its President Debashish Das and General Secretary Ajit Saha ends with, ‘We hope you understand the damage this has already made to your Channel. Channel S provides an important service to the community and we wish it to be more successful. However, if you wish our continuous support and respect, there is no alternative but Mr. Jalil has to be terminated from his job and from other associations about appearing in TV shows, otherwise we will ask the whole community to boycott Channel S’.

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