Luton Lions raised £ 22,898 for Bangladesh flood victims

News desk: a group of young men led by Dr Monjour Ahmed with Shahed, Kamal, Mostaque, Shamim, Khudael, Sujel Miah, Mugsy, Naheem, Rana, Mitu, Jimmy, Gias, Aziz, Rizwan, Nabeel, Aminur, Sujel, Abdal and Muhibur teamed up with Luton Lions community and embarked on an epic trek in aid of the people of Bangladesh whose livelihoods were decimated in a matter of days.

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Last Sunday, 3rd July, the group walked 37 miles from BYL (Bangladesh Youth League) in Luton, the home of local Shahid Minar, to the heart of the British Bengali community, the Central Shahid Minar in Altab Ali Park.

The group left Luton around 5 in the morning. It took the best part of 12 hours, and they made it to the finish soon after 5pm.

The funds raised will be held by BYL Luton and distributed to local charities on the ground, in and around Sylhet, where the need is greatest. A committee has been formed to ensure funds are distributed entirely transparently. BYL Luton will be donating 100% of the funds received.

The team was welcomed at Altab Ali Park by former president of Bangladesh Youth League (BYL) London Noimuddin Riaz, former General Secretary BYL London, Nooruddin Ahmed, founding General Secretary of BYL Luton, Ansar Ahmed Ullah, former Chair & current EC member Maruf Ahmed, youth leader Jamal Khan, former Tower Hamlets Speaker Ahbab Hussain, Tower Hamlets Cllr Rebeca Sultana, London Bangla Press Club’s Treasurer Saleh Ahmed, ATN’s Head of News Mustak Babul, community worker Husna Matin, Nazma Hussain, Smriti Azad, journalist Shah Mustafizur Rahman Belal,  journalist Ahad Chowdhury Babu amongst many others.

In a brief address to the press, Dr Monjour Ahmed said, ‘The young people felt because the devastation was of epic proportions…so an EPIC challenge was needed to get donations coming in thick and fast.’

BYL Luton’s Chairperson Sujel Miah also thanked all for supporting their cause to assist the people of Bangladesh.

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