International webinar on historic Agartala case held

Ansar Ahmed Ullah:

A webinar on Agartala Conspiracy Case and Bangladesh Liberation War 50 years was held on Sunday 30th May 2021 from London. The event was organised by the Bangabandhu Writer and Journalist Forum UK and was broadcasted live on the popular British Bangladeshi TV channel NL24.

The keynote speaker was Bangladesh’s High Commissioner to the UK, Ms Syeda Muna Tasneem. Other senior academicians from the UK, Bangladesh and India participated in the event. The event was hosted by Priyajit Debsarkar, author and geo-political researcher.

Bangladesh High Commissioner to the UK Ms Syeda Muna Tasneem said the case was a game-changer. It gave the Awami League a huge advantage politically. The British Commonwealth and Foreign Office labelling Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the next President prior to the 1970 elections was ample proof of his leadership. She also highlighted the various declassified diplomatic cables sent to British and other western democracies, including the United States and the Bengali diaspora’s role in these countries during 1971.  Lastly, she acknowledged and appreciated the role played by Indian leadership, including the armed forces and the Indian, British diaspora, public campaigning in favour of the Bengalis and their aspirations.

Mr Burzine Waghmar, Head of Center for Pakistan Studies, School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London, added the role played by the West Pakistani military, political establishment to crush the rightful aspirations of the Bengali people. The majority of the State of Pakistan was the eastern wing, and the people’s wishes were paramount. The first friction started with the language movement. He also finished with 6 points and the elections of 1970.

Dr Emran Jahan, Head of Department of History, Jahangirnagar University Dhaka, mentioned the role of local Bengali media, which was vital in exposing the fabricated case. He elaborated on the details of the charismatic leadership of the legendary Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He also discussed protests against the military junta led by General Ayub Khan in both wings of Pakistan.

Dr Mamun Al Mahtab, a keen international relationships observer, spoke about the progress of Bangladesh in the global stage of geopolitics. Bangladesh will keep on progressing with the global recognition of the genocide and special reference to the minorities.

The webinar concluded in a unanimous decision to carry on this kind of intellectual dialogue and discourse to strengthen the Bangladeshi people’s resolve further and bring to light the historical facts of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war.

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