A Bangladeshi fielded as a Green Party Candidate in Finnish Capital City Election

News Desk: A Bangladeshi-born Finnish citizen, Dr. Mojibur Doftori, has been fielded as a Candidate for Helsinki City Council 2021 Election by the popular Green Party. As he is the only Bangladeshi-origin candidate in the capital city nominated by a major party, there is much enthusiasm among the local Bangladeshi community. The election will be held on 13 June.

Dr. Mojibur Doftori, a former student and researcher of Dhaka University Public Administration and Helsinki University Public Policy department, is an expert on international education, career development and human rights. He is also author of the book Massive Career Success: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams! published by Oxford-based Powerhouse Publications.  

In his professional life, Dr. Mojibur Doftori worked as a researcher and teacher at Helsinki University and Tampere University of Finland and Roskilde University of Denmark. He also worked as a researcher at PEN International, a London-based international organization that works for promoting freedom of expression of writers and journalists. He also served as a trustee of PEN Finland and chair of its Writers at Risk and Writers for Peace Committee. He serves as a trustee of the Humanist Association of Finland. 

Dr. Doftori said: “If I am elected to Helsinki City Council, I will work on training and special job placement for unemployed immigrants and other disadvantaged groups of the city. I will also work for interfaith dialogue to create more space for religious minority groups in Finnish society. To realize those worthy goals, I am seeking wholehearted support both from immigrants and those who want to make Helsinki a truly plural, open and prosperous city.”

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