Shuchishmita achieved top grades in her GCSEs

Ansar Ahmed Ullah :

Shuchishmita Maitra Auhona, from Essex, achieved top grade 9 (A**) in all her 10 subjects in her GCSEs. Shuchishmita travelled 70 miles every day, to and from, to attend Southend High Grammar School for Girls, and managed the remainder of her time efficiently, whilst participating in all different extra-curricular activities.

With the support from her parents Dr Sukanta Maitra and Mrs Kanika Mukherjee and staff at Southend High for Girls, as well as her dedication, motivation and driven in-born interest, she was able to achieve the highest possible result in her GCSEs.

Alongside this, during her tenure at Southend Girls, she undertook various extra-curricular activities offered by the school. At the age of only 11, Shuchishmita’s 100-word short story was published in the British Library and all libraries across the UK, placed 5th in the world in the Education Perfect Languages Competition and was rewarded by the European Commission, acquired a distinction in the LAMDA Speaking in Public Grade 5 exam, and placed 1st in the German ‘Have Your Say’ Competition in Essex and East Anglia.

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