Gouri Choudhury’s Suraloy event held with renowned artist Haimanti Sukla

Ansar Ahmed Ullah : Last Saturday, 8 August, Haimanti Sukla, the legendary singer, had a live Facebook music chat with Suraloy school of music. The online program was moderated by Suraloy music students Ranjita Sen and Bobby Roy. Poet T M Ahmed Kaysher, director of Saudha, a leading society of Indian music in the UK, also spoke on the occasion.

Apart from responding to questions from Suraloy students, Haimanti Sukla also talked about her philosophy and her experiences as a singer. She mentioned that all her happiness lies in being immersed in music. Referring to Gouri Choudhury’s contribution to Bengali music, artist Haimanti Shukla said, ‘I am pleased that the name of Suraloy is spreading all over the world. I wish the very best to Suraloy. ‘

Gouri Choudhury said that through this program students of Suraloy, including music-loving people all over the world enjoyed a lot. The Suraloy event was appreciated by artists and listeners from different parts of the world.

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