Walked to save lives in Bangladesh

Ansar Ahmed Ullah :

Pushpita Gupta, a community activist from East London and the chairperson of Secular Bangladesh Movement UK (SBMUK) decided to walk to raise money for Corona victims in Bangladesh. She had been receiving heart-breaking news from Bangladesh that people there were suffering from Covid-19 and are dying because of a lack of oxygen cylinders. She said since the onset of the Corona epidemic, SBMUK have successfully carried out vigorous activities on the food programme. Working with Corona, we have seen patients facing oxygen crisis, especially the poor and helpless who are in great danger. ‘Such a situation has shaken us terribly; that is why we have taken the initiative to set-up a free oxygen service to assist in patient recovery in Srimangal, one in Barisal and one in Bogra, Bangladesh,’ said Pushpita Gupta.

Pushpita Gupta walked 100km in 10 days, every evening after work, to save lives in Bangladesh. She completed more than 100km of walking by Friday 10 July, within 10 days as promised. Funds has helped SBMUK purchase oxygen cylinder sets with hi-flo oxygen mask, pulse odometer, nebulisers and infra-red forehead thermometer.

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